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Stomp & Stammer Review

author: Jeff Clark

Formery known as The A-Sides, Atlanta’s Rocksploitation might as well have called themselves The Lelands since the combo includes guitarist / singer Adam Leland, his wife Stephanie on drums and brother Eric on bass. Eric also produced their debut CD a rollicking self-titled wallop, none whose 16 songs break the two-and-a-half minute mark. The group hits on all sorts of stripped-down snarly/hiccuping garage rock inputs but generally falls somewhere between Buddy Holly and the Trashmen. Jeff Clark Stomp & Stammer October 2008

Rockin’ Roots Rock

author: Gordon

This is Adam & Steph at their best! Still raw, stripped down and full of energy but with some cool new songs and a ’tish more production.

Great Disc!

author: Patrick DeLorean

Rocksploitation are a band that plays at my favorite local pub in Atlanta. They were called The A-sides but recently changed their name and made this cd. The CD captures the sound of their live show with a 2nd guitar added in for good measure. Highlights are the driving “Be Somebody” the Stonesy “Take A Beating” and Dave Edmunds meets Georgia Satellies “No Matter What I Gotta Do”. The 16 songs are just over 1/2 hour, but that just allows you to play it over again. If you like The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, 60′s Nuggets like The Standells and Thee Count Five, The Replacements, BoDiddley, The Stooges you will like Rocksploitation.

  The best $10 you can ever spend!

author: BLUE

High energy, toe-tappin, sonic sounds that will remind you of when music invoked feelings from you instead of just assaulting your eardrums like a lot of the bands out there today do! Rocksploitation sounds like Chuck Berry got in a fight with the Ramones and what came out was some beautiful, beautiful music. You will want to listen to this album over and over again until you know every word, just so you can sing along! #4 Be Somebody got stuck in my head after the first time I heard it (in a good way) GO buy this record today, I did and I can’t get enough!
author: June Meltzer
I’ve known/been going to see Adam & Stephanie for years & they just keep getting better & better! This is basic rock & roll at its most rollicking & enthusiastic. Keep up the great work!
Quick. Quick. Rock.
author: Matt Davis
If you are a fan of stripped down rock and tunes that are less than 3 minutes long, please purchase this record. I listened to this once and was humming the tunes the next day. Catchy, fun. Zero pretention. Good Time, Rock and Roll!

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