Sound Proof (the hype!)

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November 17, 2011
Sound Proof: the Hype (Part One)
Here we are, barely into a new decade, so it’s time to reflect on the triumphs of the previous one. And, if it’s possible, let’s also look back on the music of Rocksploitation. It’s all here, Folks; from “Flip It Over,” cut at Sun Studios in Memphis in 2005, (featured in the movie The Blood Shed and released as a single) to last year’s yuletide hit “Seatbelts for Santa.” There’s also nine remastered tracks culled from the band’s  self-titled debut and its follow-up Instant Action.  But, what makes Sound Proof essential listening (and essential purchasing) is the inclusion of five new recordings: “Sound Proof (’78)”, a new version of the title-track and frequent concert opener, “Hoodlum,” an unholy marriage of Tom Petty and the Buzzcocks, “Leaving Surf City,” an homage to Jan & Dean, the Beach Boys, and author Bob Greene (When We Get to Surf City), “World Wants More,” a lesson in economy and two-chord crankiness, plus, the self-explanatory “Rockin’ In Atlanta” (soon to be included in a documentary about a yet to-be-determined city).
Sound Proof is Rocksploitation’s finest hour, delivering the best and best sounding of the group’s stripped-down, four on the floor rock ‘n’ roll sound.  Listeners may also be interested to know that if you sync this album up with the film Citizen Kane, it makes for a wildly inappropriate soundtrack.
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