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Welcome to the official Rocksploitation website.

A new take on the three-chord (or fewer) attack pioneered by Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, The Ramones, and the Modern Lovers from husband and wife Adam & Stephanie Leland.

Here is our story…..

In 1998 Adam Leland(ex-Stonesouls) released a solo album…

While touring to promote it, Adam’s wife Stephanie acted as road manager. She was soon demoted to drummer. Returning home, the group played pubs as the A-Sides (and briefly in Memphis as Sore Thumbs). They shared stages with the Cynics, 45’s, Black Lips, the Dickies, and Jason Ringenberg, as well as several more famous and impressive names which I can’t list because the group is so humble they will only allow me to drop five names. The group also released four vinyl 45rpm singles. Two of Adam and Stephanie’s songs are featured in the 2007 cult horror film The Blood Shed.”
Changing their name to Rocksploitation, the group cut a six-song EP at Sun Studios in Memphis and a ten song LP in Atlanta. The two recordings were combined to make thier debut self-titled CD. They are now yours to enjoy, and as a completely unbiased observer, I can safely say without fear of hyperbole, that these tracks make up the greatest recording of all time.

In 2009, Adam and Stephanie returned to Leland Recording Studios (owned and operated by Adam’s brother and bassist Eric Leland) to record a 10-song Follow up CD. “Instant Action!” was recorded in just three sessions over April 2009. The Rocsploitation sound was expanded to include one acoustic guitar (“Going Negative”),  harmonica (“You Owe It To Rock And Roll”) and the debut of Stephanie on lead vocal ( “No Further Questions”).

“Instant Action” is available from the band at shows while they look for official distribution. Instant Action! has been picked up by SPAT! Records, of Nashville, TN. You can now find “Instant Action!” at all major digital outlets. The physical CD will be at Cd Baby in October 2010.

October 8, 2010 will also see the release of “All Momma’s Children Wanna Rock”, a Cd that shows Rocksploitation paying tribute to the original rock and rollers of the 1950′s and early 1960′s. This will be a CD only release, available from the band, from local independent stores and from CD Baby.

November 1, 2012 – Rocksploitation have released “Sound Proof” a 16 song compilation featuring the “lost children”, one-off singles, favorite album tracks and six brand new recordings! Available at all digital outlets now!

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